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Scooby Scoop: Sliwa’s tale of two Rudys

FEAR AND LOATHING FROM LAS VEGAS: How can Curtis Sliwa, on his WABC Radio talk show, possibly keep praising Rudy Giuliani? Doesn’t he get it that the Donald Trump attorney has been subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 investigation committee? But, no, Sliwa keeps right on calling the former mayor his “goombata cheech,” i.e. good buddy.

This is the question, at least, of John Penley, The Village Sun’s Las Vegas news tipster. The transplanted East Village radical used to dig listening to the late Bob Fass’s countercultural WBAI show — but now, as unlikely as it might seem, he’s hooked on Sliwa’s.

“Rudy was in the war room!” Penley stressed to us. “He and Steve Bannon were at the Willard Hotel!”

He was referring to the so-called “command center,” where top Trump cronies plotted how to overturn the 2020 election results leading up to and during the Capitol riot.

But as Sliwa explained to us, as he sees it, he can compartmentalize the two Giulianis.

“I’m a never Trumper,” he told us, noting he never voted for the election results-denier in chief. “But when it comes to city issues, when it comes to public safety, nobody knew the intricacies of how to get things done better than Rudy. When you talk about Trump and voting irregularities, and running around the country trying to overturn elections, I’m not on the same page [with Giuliani]. … Rudy, we’ve had that discussion.

“As a Republican, I’m not supporting him,” the Guardian Angels founder added of The Donald. “I’m supporting [Ron] DeSantis or any other Republican who emerges.”

Sliwa was off the air for a while, having to take a leave of absence to run for mayor, but he recently started his show back up again.

These answers might not satisfy Penley, though, who was blasting Sliwa and Giuliani on Facebook on Saturday evening.

“I listened to Curtis Sliwa’s radio show, which is back on WABC overnight, early this morning,” Penley posted. “I knew about the NYC Police shooting yesterday and wanted to see what he and his callers were saying. First, despite railing on about LAW AND ORDER, Sliwa continues to promote Rudy Giuliani and ignores the crimes that Giuliani committed during the attempt to overthrow American Democracy. It also seems that Sliwa and his listeners were using the shooting to promote Republicans, and were secretly glad to use the shooting to promote a political agenda and were not unhappy it happened.”

Sliwa, also on his show, is promoting Andrew Giuliani’s campaign for New York State governor. By the way, Rudy Giuliani also has a show of his own on WABC Radio.


  1. John Penley John Penley August 4, 2023

    Every day for years and years now both Rudy Giuliani and Curtis Sliwa have railed against “criminals” and “illegals” on the most powerful talk radio station in America, NYC-based WABC. Sliwa for years called Rudy his “Goombata Cheech” and followed him around Republican circles like a lapdog. Well, now that it looks like Rudy may be facing life in prison or becoming a “rat” against Donald Trump, Sliwa has stopped talking about Rudy and spends hours railing against refugees and their kids now who are trying to do what Italians and many others have done in America forever, and that is give their families security and safety by coming to New York City. And every time in American history, people like Sliwa called them names and “illegals,” as if they are all thugs and criminals. Well, in case anyone does not know, many of Sliwa and Giuliani’s Italian “illegal” ancestors who flooded into NYC actually were mafia thugs and gangsters. Today, it looks like Sliwa’s hero Rudy, who is also broadcasting on WABC on his own show, looks to be close to wearing an orange jumpsuit in Federal Prison, where he sent so many others.How long will both of these total hypocrites be allowed to get paid for broadcasting on WABC by its owner? How long will their voices reach millions of Americans every day on the radio? I personally think it is time for the owner of WABC to send them packing, like the station did to a real American hero, attorney Ron Kuby, years ago. — John Penley

    • John Penley John Penley August 4, 2023

      In addition to Sliwa and Rudy…Roger Stone and Andrew Giuliani have their own shows on WABC. Can them, too!!!!

  2. Paul DeRienzo Paul DeRienzo January 23, 2022

    If you get tired of Sliwa’s prevarications on WABC’s fascist news radio station you can always switch over to “Radio Unnameable” at midnight Thursday into Friday a.m. or tune in to the WBAI Evening News, Monday to Thursday at 6 p.m., at or 99.5 FM in the city.

    • John Penley John Penley January 24, 2022

      Last night on the WABC Frank Morano show they had an American communist who is on the front lines against NATO in Ukraine and it was an amazing interview. You should have this guy on WBAI. Morano has it on his podcast now and I am on after.

  3. David David January 23, 2022

    Curtis Sliwa is so self-absorbed and obsessed with staying in the spotlight, he will say anything.

    Sound familiar?

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