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Not tossed salad but tossed ice cream balls at Dylan Lemay’s new CATCH’N store in Noho

BY JASMINE SHIFFER | Step into CATCH’N Ice Cream from Dylan Lemay, Noho’s latest ice cream destination, and the spread is the first thing that hits you.

Tables of merchandise stretch to the back, and Lemay’s signature ice cream balls line the counter, with cases of ice cream cakes behind. The shop is humming with sugar and spectacle.

A video of Dylan Lemay at the opening day of his CATCH’N ice cream store, at 65 Bleecker St. (Video by Jasmine Shiffer)

CATCH’N had its grand opening at 65 Bleeker St., between Lafayette Street and Broadway, on Fri., July 29, anchoring Lemay’s TikTok presence in brick and mortar. At 25, Lemay has amassed more than 11 million followers on TikTok, with his videos showing him whipping up his ice cream creations.

“It’s all about just creating that connection that we can through videos and things like that, but in real life,” Lemay explained.

Dylan Lemay at his new CATCH’N store with Katy. (Photo by Jasmine Shiffer)

CATCH’N Ice Cream is focused on the customer experience. Once you’ve chosen your ice cream ball, it gets thrown up into the air, then chopped up on the counter, with all the toppings then mixed in. Instead of the shop’s workers disappearing into a freezer and struggling with an ice cream scoop, “We’re having a conversation with [the customers], goofing around, having fun,” Lemay explained.

The ice cream maestros top off the show with one last toss of the delectable dessert into a cup. And if you’re brave enough, they’ll fling it right over the counter to you.

Dylan Lemay — who is billed as “the world’s largest ice cream-centric digital creator” — with the molds used to create the signature ice cream balls. (Photo by Jasmine Shiffer)

Customer Michal Merav caught hers with a hop.

“I feel ecstatic,” she said, grinning.

Next in line, Lauren Weisberg braced herself: “I’m terrified,” she said with a laugh. But she caught her cookie dough ice cream with ease.

Dylan Lemay holds up a freshly made “Fruity Pebbles” ice cream ball. (Photo by Jasmine Shiffer)

Lemay began his career in ice cream 10 years ago working for Cold Stone Creamery. He found fame during the pandemic, bringing ice cream to his followers through the height of lockdown. CATCH’N is now a part of the Dylan Lemay brand.

“There’s so much intention behind every little thing,” he said, pointing to the branded stress balls and waffle-cone-scented candles for sale. “For that little kid that watches my videos, or even their mom.”

A customer at CATCH’N on its opening day. The store offers a “360 ice cream experience.” (Photo by Jasmine Shiffer)
Merchandise for sale at CATCH’N. The store is located in the historic Bayard-Condict Building. (Photo by Jasmine Shiffer)

Lemay hopes to integrate his online presence at CATCH’N, partnering with other influencers on special flavors to keep his ice cream clickable and fun.

The store at 65 Bleecker St. is open daily from noon to 10 p.m. For more information, visit or call 646-449-9552.

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