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Nextdoor push for Allie Ryan — but maybe next couple of years would be more likely

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Some people on Nextdoor are urging voters to support Allie Ryan in Tuesday’s general election.

Just one thing, though: Ryan is not on the ballot for her district, City Council District 2, which stretches from the Lower East Side up to Murray Hill. So, if anything, she would have to be a write-in candidate.

The only person who actually is on the ballot for Council in District 2 is Carlina Rivera, who is listed on the Democratic and Working Families party lines. Juan Pagan, a frequent local candidate, had hoped to run as the Medical Freedom Party’s representative but was disqualified.

Ryan has made two previous bids for the East Side seat, the last time in this June’s Democratic primary election, when she got nearly 40 percent of the vote versus Rivera.

Ryan got a kick out of the recent online support for a last-minute grassroots push to elect her on Nov. 7 — but the idea on the app wasn’t hers.

“The Nextdoor thread is flattering and I am humbled,” she told The Village Sun. “But I think it’s a few people frustrated with Rivera’s leadership and wanting change.”

Rivera will be term-limited out of the Council at the end of 2025. Ryan has not said yet whether she plans to run to succeed her.


  1. Wes Green Wes Green November 12, 2023

    We deserve what we’re getting, if you look at voter participation and civic engagement in our district.

  2. Gojira Gojira November 6, 2023

    So two more years of no leadership on local issues from our Councilwoman. Swell.

    • Danube Danube November 6, 2023

      Sickening 🤢

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