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More bullets fly in Tompkins Square Park, leaving locals on edge

BY SARAH FERGUSON | A man blasted off five to seven gunshots in Tompkins Square Park today, just five days after an unknown gunman shot two innocent bystanders in broad daylight last Saturday.

At 12:09 p.m. Thursday, police received a 911 report of shots fired inside the park’s southwest corner, near the Seventh Street and Avenue A entrance, just east of the chess tables. This time, no one was hurt by the rain of bullets, though one pierced a window across Seventh Street, above the bar Niagara.

The suspect, described as a Black man wearing all black clothing and a black ski mask, reportedly fled east through the park on a blue CitiBike as panicked parkgoers once again fled the area.

The New York Post and local blog EVGrieve reported police sources believe the gunman may be the same person responsible for Saturday’s shooting, which occurred after the gunman got into a fight with two other men inside the park.

“It’s a beef,” the police source reportedly told EVGrieve.

When The Village Sun contacted Police Headquarters on Thursday, a police spokesperson said he could not confirm that it was the same gunman, or any further details about what could have led to the shots fired today.

Whoever the perp is, he remains at large, leaving local residents on edge.

“It’s crazy, I feel unsafe,” said Walter Acevedo, who has lived on E. Tenth Street overlooking the park for the past 28 years. “I don’t see so many cops anymore, they don’t police it the way they used to,” Acevedo observed.

His comments were echoed by Jimmy James, a 48-year-old contractor who was sitting on a bench near the dog run when he heard the shots ring out Thursday.

“There should be police here all the time because there’s, like, stabbings and shootings and s— every day now,” remarked James, who says he hangs out in the park frequently. “Right now, they only come when there’s an incident.”

The shooting also comes two days after a stranger allegedly tried to sexually assault a young woman in her apartment on the east side of the park. The woman was able to fight off the attacker. A suspect has been arrested.


  1. Stephanie Phelan Stephanie Phelan March 24, 2024

    I lived on St. Marks Place between First Ave. and Avenue in the ’60s and things got so violent I decided to leave the city, and come back a few years later, and I made sure I never went back to the East Village. I’ve lived a peaceful life in the West Village for the past 44 years.

  2. Stephen DiLauro Stephen DiLauro March 22, 2024

    Police presence might help. However, arrests are fruitless with Alvin Bragg’s no-bail policy. I hope people cease their mindless support for Democrats running for office. They are ruining the city.
    I don’t know that Republicans are any better but current trends are unsustainable.

    • Bill Roth Bill Roth March 22, 2024

      Really agree with you, this city with curent situation and politics is terrible

    • Carol Frances Yost Carol Frances Yost March 24, 2024

      Bragg didn’t make the laws. In the main, the new bail laws are better than the old ones; they just need to be perfected. It depends upon what the offense is.

      You don’t know what Bragg will do when the gunman/gunmen is/are arrested. We’ll soon find out. Some people leap to accuse the people who are trying to make bail laws more fair. Some people want to have just about everybody locked up, no matter what.

  3. Peg Leg Pete Peg Leg Pete March 22, 2024

    Instead of hitting a person one shot went through a window at Niagra. On a related note a big benefit show with major bands for Jesse Malin is scheduled in Tompkins Square Park with Gogol Bordello, Madball, Murphy’s Law, The Capturers and more bands TBA on Saturday, April 27, at Tompkins Square Park in NYC, from 1:30 PM – 6 PM. Let’s hope the Park shooter will be in custody by then.

    • evlover evlover March 23, 2024

      Can’t we just have a peaceful park without the attack of bullets or the attack of loud bands blaring music for hours? Both of these things are tragic IMO. Take the concerts inside.

  4. Village Resi Village Resi March 22, 2024

    Amen to these two residents quoted. Police are nowhere to be found these days. I called 911 on Wednesday to report a known drunk menace in my neighborhood who was threatening innocent pedestrians after being thrown out of a wine bar. It took over 15 minutes (!) for police to respond. What is going on? Adams needs to be held accountable.

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