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Mask appeal…not: Anti-lockdowners get down in the park

The anti-lockdown crowd literally crowded into Washington Square Park again this past Sunday, not practicing social distancing.

No big surprise, but they weren’t wearing masks, either.

What do the anti-maskers really believe? Read the masks. (Photo by Sharon Woolums)

Village activist Sharon Woolums happened to be quickly passing through the square and snapped these photos but didn’t stop to get any quotes — not so much out of fear, just because she was in a rush.

“Probably saying what they all say at these rallies,” she shrugged.

“Open New York now!” the COVID fraud crowd demanded. (Photo by Sharon Woolums)


  1. Patricia Melvin Patricia Melvin December 7, 2020

    How can they refuse to wear masks when it’s been proven to save lives? Can anyone answer this for me, please??? Just TRYING to understand this feels alienating.

  2. Charley Crespo Charley Crespo December 4, 2020

    A facial covering not only helps stop the spread of Covid-19, but also tuberculosis, rubella, the common cold, and numerous other airborne illnesses. A mask also protects somewhat against vehicle exhaust and bad breath. For these reasons, I have no problem accepting that my mask may become permanent attire when I am with other people, indoors or outdoors. Let us all find a comfortable mask, and like comfortable shoes or underwear, we will forget that we are wearing it.

    • Alan Flacks Alan Flacks December 4, 2020

      D’accord. Well-spoken common sense, thank you.

  3. David T. David T. December 3, 2020

    Wearing a mask is like saying F you to Covid-19.
    Not wearing a mask is saying F you to everybody else.

    These so-called “anti-lock down” protesters, are just pro-Trump right wing political operatives masquerading as anti-science advocates.

  4. David R. Marcus David R. Marcus December 3, 2020

    Express concern about lockdowns if you must but how can any intelligent person conflate the issues and argue against the proven safety of wearing masks and keeping socially distant??

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