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Mais oui! Outdoor dining to the max in MPD

The Meatpacking District is always a party but things reached another level on Thurs., Sept. 14, when 4,000 people flooded the streets for the Diner en Blanc. The event, more than a decade old, previously has been held at places like Lincoln Center and Bryant Park. But this was the first time the white-clad guests dined at tables filling the streets — make that historic-district cobblestone streets. 

It was a stylish crowd. (Photo by Michael Siskin)
Making their way through Greenwich Village to le diner, some with tables and chairs in hand. (Photo by Eric Vitale)
Bumping it up a notch with stilts and artistic attire. (Photo by Eric Vitale)
The Diner en Blanc crowed blanketed the Meatpacking District streets. (Photo by Eric Vitale)
Outdoor dining reached new heights at the Diner en Blanc. (Photo by Jane Kratchovil)
Rocking a white suit and hat on a rock at Diner en Blanc. (Photo by Jane Kratchovil)


  1. Carol Yost Carol Yost October 4, 2023

    I don’t understand what all the complaints are about. The event looked delightful. I’d never heard of it before, and I’ve lived in NYC since 1967. It really looked wonderful.

  2. evlover evlover October 3, 2023

    What is NYC’s obsession with bringing every event outside? Jesus. Book a venue. We are turning manhattan into Disneyland. There’s no respect for anyone living in the apartments. It’s just one street party after another. This isn’t New Orleans.

    • sam sam October 4, 2023

      And hurting bus riders and sabotaging bus transit, as invariably these street closures force bus detours and slow buses (and other vehicles) due to spillover traffic.

      Who would think NYC would sacrifice mass transit for adult playgrounds?

      And of course all the trash left behind….

  3. evi evi October 2, 2023

    What’s weird is that for all the constant contemporary criticism of “elitism” or historic non-diverse culture or capitalism etc, that people are actually very happy to imitate/enjoy/celebrate the stuff (like these events) that they are criticizing…..

  4. JacDog JacDog October 2, 2023

    You can’t white wash the inimical dining shed rat motel mess.

  5. JQ LLC JQ LLC October 2, 2023

    Of course Mayor Party Hardy Tardy would show up to this.

    No surprise upper class protege of lobbyist Corey Johnson, Erik Bottcher, showed too and stood next to the mayor, even after his alarmist comments about the migrant crisis. What a progressive.

    This is who they truly represent. The elites. And they do this after the city has barely recovered from a downpour. Absolutely tone deaf.

    • The Village Sun The Village Sun Post author | October 2, 2023

      This actually happened a few weeks ago, before monsoon week.

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