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Karen’s Quirky Style: The sweet Big Apple

BY KAREN REMPEL | On my first trip to New York, in 2014, I ditched the “Search Inside Yourself” course that brought me to the city and headed over to the Hudson River to search outside myself.

The first fascinating wonder I saw was Stephan Weiss’s bronze sculpture “The Apple.” Soon after, I spotted the Statue of Liberty in the distance and wept. I was finally here!

Although not as world-famous as Lady Liberty, “The Apple” symbolizes New York in a very personal way, with a personal story. New York artist Stephan Weiss was married to our beloved fashion designer Donna Karan. When he died in 2001, Karan used Weiss’s plans and completed the sculpture. It is a symbol of their love as well as of all New Yorkers’ love for the city.

You’ll find the Hudson River Park’s Apple Garden just north of Christopher St. If you look closely, you’ll notice the bench is supported by apple cores! It’s one of the sweetest spots along the boardwalk, set back slightly from the main thoroughfare. A great place to watch the river and people flow by.

This navy satin number looks like someone took a bite out of it! I found this treasure at Rent the Runway on W. 15th St. They have changed their business model and were selling off the store’s inventory. I was looking for a little navy dress and this was the only one in the place, and happened to be my size. Destiny! It has become my summer favorite.

P.S. You can also find great deals on their Web site and buy “gently appreciated” items online.

Style Notes

⦁ Navy satin dress with scalloped bodice. Slate and Willow at Rent the Runway, 30 W. 15th St.
⦁ Candy apple red Mimosa pumps. Browns at The Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia.
⦁ Sapphire drop earrings, Whole Bead Show NYC, Hotel Pennsylvania.
⦁ Metallic red beaded clutch, Goodwill, Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC.
⦁ New York Apple lipstick, MAC.


  1. Karen Rempel Karen Rempel September 10, 2021

    Lew, I know you feel as much passion for the Big Apple as I do!

    Re: Catch and Release, I took a break this month for a summer holiday. But stay tuned next month for an enticing new C&R series featuring a tall handsome Scot—and a hedge-fund manager to boot. Could this be my Mr. Big?

  2. Lew Lew September 8, 2021

    A very touching story, Karen. Once you’ve taken a bite out of the Big Apple, like
    millions of others, you fall hopelessly and wonderfully in love. It is a city like no other.
    Speaking of bites, the glamorous seductress in the beautiful navy dress promises an
    exciting new “Catch and Release” chapter! Soon I hope.

  3. Lisa Ricci Lisa Ricci September 7, 2021

    Gorgeous darling and the eyebrows are insane!!

    Insane in a seductive quirky way!

    • Karen Rempel Karen Rempel September 10, 2021

      Thanks, Lisa! I’m glad someone noticed the eyebrows! I forgot about that detail, as it’s not really that visible unless you enlarge the photo. I got this cool pink glitter dust from Mac and thought it would be a fun touch!

  4. Catherine Kerr Catherine Kerr September 6, 2021

    Ah, real travelers want to know a place through the eyes of locals, so, Karen — your article gives a delightful and unusually well-written sample of the kind of tip that DIY walking tours are made of. The fashion details add to the message “You, too, stranger, could garb yourself glamorously and affordably if you accompanied a savvy clothes horse on her shopping odysseys in this city.” Of course, few of us strangers are as shapely and bonny as KR in her West Village model persona, but a girl can dream.

  5. George J Sanders George J Sanders September 6, 2021

    As a West Village Native, I’ve always appreciated the “Apple Garden” sculpture, but I NEVER KNEW it was Weiss’s, and I NEVER SAW the apple core supports! Thank you, Karen, for bringing depth and knowledge to my “Hurry up, we have to get there right away!” life.

  6. Pat Duffy Pat Duffy September 6, 2021

    Hey Karen,
    Yes, what a sharp eye! I have walked around that area of Christopher St so many times–but somehow never noticed the “Apple Garden”, apple-core bench supports — or “The Apple” sculpture! (some of us are just too day-dreamy!) I will be sure to notice now.
    And btw, love your “ruby slippers”, which I did notice! (Click them together 3 times and say, “There’s no place like NYC!” : )

  7. zaphyrella zaphyrella September 6, 2021

    ★StUnnnninG!!☆★i LoVVE ThE look..sOoOOooOO much!!!!!. ~ wHaT a perfect bridge FrOm sUmmer …–>
    to falllllll!!!!!!!!!!☆꧁:..::♥✸♥꧂☆★.꧂☆★☆thAnx for the back*StoRy oF tHe apple,,, i*D*ve waLked right by,,& never have noticed alll that,,

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