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Honoring heroic healthcare moms

Updated, May 29, 3:15 p.m.: New Yorkers continue to show their support and gratitude for essential healthcare workers fighting on the front lines against coronavirus. Of course, many of them are mothers, too, with the added responsibility of holding their families together during this moment of crisis.

Ahead of Mother’s Day weekend, Lenox Health Greenwich Village, at 12th St. and Seventh Ave., recently installed an artistic flower trellis on the sidewalk in front of the facility.

A banner in the window behind it expresses the sentiments of everyone around the city — that our healthcare workers are truly heroes.

A unique trellis with flowers outside L.H.G.V. (Photo by Bonnie Rosenstock)

L.H.G.V. teamed up with event florists Floratorium and Pic and Petal to honor all mothers, healthcare professionals and patients affected by COVID-19. A large-scale rainbow made of both fresh and silk florals was revealed during the nightly clap for frontline workers as a tribute to the spirit of caregiving and the bravery of those fighting this global crisis in the hospitals.

It was presented to all in attendance, with a special focus and round of applause dedicated to the mothers among Lenox Health’s staff. The donated installation also includes a quote from former First Lady Claudia Alta (“Lady Bird”) Johnson: “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

In a joint statement, Carlos Franqui, founder of Floratorium, and Leatal Cohen, founder of Pic and Petal, said the display honors the matriarchs in our lives.

“Mother’s Day is a big deal, especially in the floral industry,” they said. “It’s a time to celebrate the matriarchs in our lives and their endless, selfless acts of love. In these times, there are so many mothers and caregivers who are sacrificing so much for the greater good. We wanted to pay tribute to them and use our art to uplift our community.”

“This thoughtful gesture brings much joy to our staff, many of whom have made great sacrifices in order to keep their own families safe while they fight this pandemic,” said Alex Hellinger, executive director of L.H.G.V. “We’re so grateful for the continued support and recognition from local businesses in the community.”

L.H.G.V. includes a freestanding 24-hour emergency department and a comprehensive-care center. In normal times, it has no hospital beds; patients needing higher-level care or admittance to a full-scale hospital are transported by ambulance to an appropriate facility.

In preparation for the coronavirus pandemic, though, L.H.G.V. added 31 hospital beds — not for critically ill COVID patients, but to take the load off of other hospitals dealing with the surge of patients.

Northwell Health, which runs L.H.G.V., is the state’s biggest healthcare provider and includes Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side.

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