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‘Googlers’ for Gaza demand cutting Israel cloud/AI contract

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Groups of Google employees in New York City and California held sit-ins Tuesday to protest the tech giant’s providing cloud, data and AI services to Israel’s government.

The anti-Israel tech workers are demanding that Google and Amazon cancel a $1.2 billion contract with Israel for the services, dubbed Nimbus.

(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

Several “Googlers” were arrested after they refused police orders to stop occupying an office at the company’s Chelsea headquarters.

There was also a protest outside the huge Chelsea building, with some participants wearing black-and-white, checker-pattern keffiyeh scarves in solidarity with the  Palestinians.

Google swiftly retaliated, reportedly firing 30 of the employees.

(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

The bicoastal actions came a day after pro-Palestinian demonstrators blocked bridges in New York City — which, in turn, came right on the heels of Iran, over the weekend, launching an unprecedented, massive aerial barrage against Israel, which the latter was able to repel.

(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

In firing hundreds of drones and missiles at the Jewish state, Iran was purportedly retaliating for Israel’s April 1 killing in Syria of an Iranian brigadier general who oversaw the authoritarian regime’s military operations in the Levant. The rogue state’s commander reportedly helped plan the 10/7 Hamas terrorist massacre in southern Israel that saw more than 1,100 people, mostly civilians, killed and 250 kidnapped, sparking the current ongoing conflict.


  1. Jesse Jesse April 18, 2024

    How do the protesters feel about Hamas?

  2. Wes Green Wes Green April 17, 2024

    Thank you!

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