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Going with Joe: Nadler now ‘strongly supports’ Biden for reelection

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | After recently reportedly calling for Joe Biden to end his reelection bid, Jerry Nadler now is going all-in on a second term for the president.

Following a phone call this past Sunday between House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Democratic members, there were a flurry of news reports that Nadler and three colleagues had anxiously declared it was time to switch horses midstream and support a different candidate.

Rob Gottheim, Nadler’s district director, subsequently neither confirmed nor denied those reports, stating,“His discussion was on a private call with other members. We’re not commenting on private conversations.”

Now, though, after Biden has indicated he will not drop out at this late date — despite his troubling debate performance and sagging poll numbers — the landscape is shifting once again. Basically, while things are seemingly still in flux, significant blocs of the Democratic Party appear to be rallying behind the embattled incumbent.

On Tuesday, Democrats gathered for a closed-door meeting in Washington. There reportedly was no clear consensus on whether to stick with Biden. But Nadler, for one, in brief comments to reporters afterward, indicated he’s going with Joe.

Noting the president has stated he is “going to remain in [the race],” Nadler commented, “He’s our candidate, and we’re all going to support him — at least, I hope we’re all going to support him.”

Asked for clarification of his current position, Nadler issued a statement saying he has full confidence in the president.

“I’m not going to comment on private conversations, but I truly believe that President Joe Biden has been a transformational president whose first-term accomplishments are nothing short of historic,” Nadler said. “He has overseen record-breaking job growth and the passage of major pieces of progressive legislation that will change the face of our economy for generations to come, all while guiding us through a pandemic and managing several international conflicts.

“President Biden has stated that he will continue to be our nominee for president and I strongly support him. Moreover, if we’re going to defeat Donald Trump in November we must move past the distractions and put the focus of this election squarely where it belongs: on Donald Trump and his extreme Project 2025 agenda.”

Congressmember Nydia Velazquez is also backing Biden for another term, citing that he is the party’s presumptive nominee — although the Democrats basically cleared the field for him during the primary elections.

“Democratic voters have spoken, and President Biden was the overwhelming choice to lead our party,” Velazquez said. “I support Joe Biden, and it is time to focus on reelecting him in November.”

Spectrum News reported that Velazquez on Monday said she believes Biden can win, “if people rally behind him.”


  1. Harry Pincus Harry Pincus July 12, 2024

    Anyone who cavalierly attachs the word “genocide” to the name of a Jewish person is an anti-semite…and doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  2. Jon Keller Jon Keller July 11, 2024

    Another supporter of genocide! So-called US democracy is rotting away at its core, just like its hegemony. China builds while the US kills and bombs.

  3. JJ JJ July 10, 2024

    Maybe Jerry is afraid people might want to retire his 77-year-old sourpuss next!

  4. Harry Pincus Harry Pincus July 10, 2024

    Jerry Nadler is a good man, who has only been expressing the obvious. President Biden should step down, but if he does not, we must reelect him.

  5. Mary Reinholz Mary Reinholz July 10, 2024

    Very good news during a heat wave, and a counter to the silly Joe-must-go pronouncements by movie star George Clooney taking up more anti-Biden space in the NY Times.

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