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Crowd was ‘Electric’ as Taylor Swift hung out in 8th St. recording studio

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | It was like something out of their “Wildest Dreams.”

Taylor Swift fans mobbed the sidewalk on W. Eighth Street outside Electric Lady Studios early Tuesday morning as the crooner was inside. They craned their necks upward, hoping to see her inside. Some on the other side of the street scrambled up onto a scaffolding and clung there in hopes of getting a view of their idol.

(Photo by Sharon Woolums)
(Photo by Sharon Woolums)

Roving Village Sun reporter Sharon Woolums, who lives nearby, happened upon the exuberant scene.

“I was just passing by — not a fan at all, but the crowd was in a jovial, fun mood,” she said. “There were about 100 people.”

According to the New York Post, a bevy of other young stars also dropped by the legendary studio, including Kendrick Lamar, Margaret Qualley, Jack Antonoff, Maggie Rogers, Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum.

While everyone was waiting for the “Shake It Off” chanteuse to emerge from the recording studio, at 52 W. Eighth St., Woolums got to talking to one of the “Swifties.” Discovering that one of them, Jose M. Velazquez Jr., was an opera singer, she asked him to sing the classic Italian tune “O Sole Mio” (“My Sun”), and he happily belted it out, while accompanied by a guy on guitar.

(Photo by Sharon Woolums)

Checking out the song’s translation later on, Woolums realized it was the perfect tune for the mood — about a man who feels melancholy because it’s night and the sun has gone done, but then realizes that his love’s face is like the sun illuminating her window pane from inside, so all he needs to do is stand beneath her window.

(Photo by Sharon Woolums)

As for Swift, well, Woolums said she finally emerged, with her new flame, Matty Healy, in tow and wearing a lavender N.Y.U. shirt around 2 a.m. but didn’t wave or linger to sign autographs. But she’s still the sun for her adoring fans.

Woolums said Swift was back at Electric Lady early Thursday evening and so was a crowd of her fans, but the singer had left by the time she came by.


  1. Laurie Laurie May 21, 2023

    I missed Channing Tatum???!!!!

  2. lin lin May 19, 2023

    Somehow those celebrities managed. Or at least did not complain.

    Unlike Meghan and Harry

    • Jo Jo May 19, 2023

      Taylor Swift’s mother wasn’t chased to her death by paparazzi and she wasn’t being chased by speeding cars going the wrong way on sidewalks like happened to Harry and Mehgan. Get your facts straight.

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