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Can’t keep a good man down: Ray is back serving up egg creams

BY JEFFERSON SIEGEL | While some people recover from injuries by lying low and pumping the TV remote control, Ray of Ray’s Candy Store was back to pumping chocolate syrup for his world-famous egg creams on Saturday afternoon.

Ray, 90,  told The Village Sun he’s healing from injuries — broken facial bones and a dislocated jaw — suffered after being attacked nearly three weeks ago. He expects to be able to eat solid food again in two or three more weeks.

Ray is back whipping up shakes, egg creams and other tasty fare. (Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)

He still was sporting a black eye — though it’s slowly fading away — and a large scab on the side of his face where an unhinged local man lashed him with a belt with a heavy object on its end after Ray declined to buy some sodas from him.

Ray also enjoys the company of a Guardian Angel patrol member who stops by his store, at Avenue A and Seventh Street, every morning. After the attack, Curtis Sliwa, as first reported by the Sun, said the Angels were making the veteran merchant’s store the “epicenter” of regular daily and nightly patrols in the East Village.

This reporter first spotted a Guardian Angel posted outside the store on Feb. 5, leading to the Sliwa interview. The New York Post later also followed up with a similar, though shorter article about the Angels providing Ray with protection.

The hardest-working man on Avenue A. (Photo by © Jefferson Siegel)

Ray had more to say but a young couple entered the narrow store and he returned to pumping, stirring and serving their order: two egg creams, naturally.

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  1. Mary Reinholz Mary Reinholz February 19, 2023

    Ray Alvarez, who’s whipping up those egg creams, is 90 years old and appears to have more get up and go than men half his age. He’s a role model for seniors and anyone else who’s been injured in this crime-ravaged town.

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