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‘Blood,’ glue and boos as protesters block Thanksgiving Parade

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | About an hour and a half into Thursday’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, a group of pro-Palestinian protesters jumped in between the giant cartoon balloons and promptly glued their hands to Sixth Avenue a few blocks south of the Fox News offices.

Fellow demonstrators doused them with a red liquid, as other comrades toted a banner reading, “Liberation for Palestine and Planet.”

(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

The anti-Israel group wore white jumpsuits sporting slogans on their chests and backs like “Racism,” “Consumerism,” “Militarism,” “Fascism,” “Colonialism,” “Imperialism” and “Ethnic Cleansing.”

Meanwhile, parade spectators angrily booed them for holding up the time-honored holiday tradition. The demonstrators blocked the procession reportedly for at least 15 minutes as police worked to remove them.

For their civil disobedience in holding up the parade, some of them were arrested.

(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)
(Photo by Q. Sakamaki)

After the parade, pro-Palestinian protesters met up at Madison Square Park, then marched over to Macy’s, according to news reports.

Police said a total of 34 protesters were taken into custody, both at the parade and afterward, though only four were ultimately charged with offenses, like disorderly conduct and obstructing the street.

A four-day humanitarian pause in the war between Hamas and Gaza has started. Hamas has released some of the hostages it captured on 10/7 and Israel, in return, has released a number of Palestinian prisoners.


  1. True New Yorker True New Yorker November 27, 2023

    Only an arriveste, fake gentrifier, new New Yorker or someone who fled the city (PENLEY) would think it’s okay to interrupt the almost sacred Macys Day Parade (as we NYers calll it) for any one reason — let alone to support child burners and girl rapists in the name of Jihad.

    Listen closely: the protestors have zero effect on what happens a world away. What did work is RELEASING THE HOSTAGES that you and Susan Sarandon and the other antisemites continue to ignore. Remember the ceasefire on Oct 6th?

    Penley, please go find some Nevadans to bother with your uber-extreme, left-wing radicalism that makes even a Village liberal want to vomit.

  2. AMA AMA November 25, 2023

    Thanks for the reporting.
    About how long did this last?
    NYT described as “briefly” disrupting the parade (what is “briefly”?)

  3. John Penley John Penley November 25, 2023

    These protests and others all over the world may have helped because now a ceasefire is in effect and both sides have started releasing captives.

    • Lisa Lisa November 25, 2023

      John Penley,
      Rest assured that there has been a huge amount of work by the US and other countries to get Hamas to release the hostages and get Netanyahu to a ceasefire etc
      Not because a bunch of people decided to protest at the parade.

      BTW the ongoing protests blocking traffic in Midtown or access to Grand Central Station has meant, for example, that a single parent working as a home health aide could not get to pick up her child, that a person could not get to a train to see a dying parent….

      • John Penley John Penley November 25, 2023

        Gimme a break. this protest was at the Thanksgiving Parade which shuts down all of Midtown and that dying parent comment is ridiculous. In case you did not notice, the coverage of this protest made headline news all over on every news report and was on live tv coverage of the Parade. If anyone listened to you, there would be no protests of anything.

        • eve eve November 29, 2023

          BTW media reporting there will be rally/protest/”disruption” at the Rockefeller Center Tree lighting today 11/29.

          I miss the days before the lighting was a “thing” – when it was just a nice, not huge holiday event that New Yorkers could easily see.

          Personally I think the “protestors” should disrupt SantaCon – which is actually a celebration of capitalism and excess.

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