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Rollout of lower Sixth Ave. protected bike lane plan

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Sixth Avenue could see a new protected bike lane sometime soon.

Councilmember Erik Bottcher recently was happy to report that the plan, which would connect Lispenard Street in Tribeca to Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich Village with a protected lane for cyclists, is in the review stage at Community Board 2. A protected bike lane already currently extends north from Greenwich Avenue.

The protected lane would be especially helpful around W. Third Street and Sixth Avenue, where the avenue bends a bit to the east and rushing drivers often don’t immediately correct, veering scarily close to cyclists biking in the roadway’s left-hand lane.

The plan would include “pedestrian refuges,” as well — though pedestrians walking to a “refuge” off of the curb frequently go right into the path of cyclists.


  1. Ron Wisniski Ron Wisniski June 28, 2024

    Tell Bottcher to add his name as co-sponsor of City Council Bill 60 that would ban all e-bikes and e-scooters from all New York City parks. Bottcher also championed the 10th ave bike lane which quickly replicated the chaos of the poorly designed bike lanes on 8th and 9th avenues—all with no enforcement. We don’t want anymore Citibike racks or bike lanes. Period.

  2. RB RB June 26, 2024

    Enough with the bikes! They have ruined the City. NYC used to be the most pedestrian-friendly big city in the world and was always a joy to walk around. Now it is just the opposite.

  3. Johnny Walker Johnny Walker June 25, 2024

    Problem is, the bike lane will not be in Bottcher’s district, but rather Marte’s. Bottcher’s district begins on the west side of Sixth Avenue. He should worry about his own district and keep his nose out of other’s. Pretty ballsy of him.

    Also, I sit on the benches along the small parks on Sixth Avenue during the warm weather, and I see more cyclists riding on the sidewalk and running red lights than actually riding on the street itself.

    Look at his X video and see some renegade cyclist going the wrong way in the middle of Sixth Avenue.

    Bottcher needs to get his priorities right and learn his district lines.

  4. bus and subway bus and subway June 25, 2024

    Bicyclists (especially Citi Bike and racing bikes) endanger pedestrians — but keep getting rewarded.

    Bicyclists proactively disregard traffic rules, go through red lights, go the wrong way, ignore bike lanes. And Citi Bikers are OK with cursing any pedestrian who objects.

    Unbelievable how the City prioritizes bicycling.

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