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Rep. Goldman declares Biden ‘sham impeachment’ kaput

On Thursday, Congressmember Dan Goldman joined the Congressional Integrity Project and speakers from across the state to call on New York’s House Republicans to end their “baseless impeachment inquiry” of President Biden.

Speakers at the “Impeachment Is Over” virtual rally proclaimed that the “politically motivated” impeachment of the president is dead. They demanded that congressional Republicans in Biden-won districts in Westchester, Rochester and Long Island — Mike Lawler, Anthony D’Esposito, Nick Lalota, Marc Molinaro and Brandon Williams — “move on from political stunts and failed investigations and focus on the real issues affecting New Yorkers.”

On Thursday, Republican James Comer, the chairperson of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, suggested an impeachment vote against Biden on allegations of influence peddling and corruption might not be the best path, and that criminal referrals to the Department of Justice would be better. The Democratic-controlled Senate would likely table an impeachment of Biden.

“It is long past time for the Republicans to put the American people over their baseless, partisan, sham impeachment inquiry into President Biden,” said Goldman, who represents Manhattan south of around 14th Street. “Republicans have had 15 months to build a case, and after dozens of witness interviews, hundreds of thousands of documents reviewed, and millions of taxpayers’ dollars, there isn’t a shred of credible evidence linking President Biden to any wrongdoing, much less a high crime and misdemeanor. Continuing with this investigation would be an abuse of congressional authority that would simply aid and abet Russia’s efforts to interfere in our elections. It is time to stop wasting our time and turn to the work the American people sent us to Washington to do.”

“House Republicans find time to do things in Congress — unfortunately, it’s all the wrong things,” said Barry Kaufmann, president of New York State Alliance for Retired Americans. “Instead of expanding Medicare, protecting the Affordable Care Act, protecting Medicaid for seniors, controlling drug costs or addressing the retirement crisis, House Republicans are focused on a baseless impeachment inquiry. They’re completely out of touch with New Yorkers.”

“While I was occasionally disappointed with the ideological bent of previous House Republicans from Westchester, they at least sometimes reached across the aisle and passed legislation that was in the best interest of their constituents,” said Westchester resident Lloyd Trufelman. “I can’t say the same about Mike Lawler and his MAGA friends. House Republicans have wasted time and taxpayer dollars on a completely bogus impeachment inquiry. Meanwhile, New York District 17 residents and people across New York are facing real challenges every day — and Mike Lawler doesn’t seem to care.”


  1. A constituent who opposes CP A constituent who opposes CP March 24, 2024

    Is Dan Goldman sitting in a car?

  2. Stephen DiLauro Stephen DiLauro March 23, 2024

    “Congressional Integrity”
    Now there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one.

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