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‘Pot shot’ in Washington Square Park

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | Do bullets come with that bud?

Police officers from the 6th Precinct keep cracking down on unlicensed cannabis vending in Washington Square Park.

On April 9, the precinct’s Special Operations Team arrested six individuals in the Greenwich Village park for selling a smattering of the usual: marijuana flower a.k.a. bud, pre-rolled joints, gummy edibles and other assorted drugs. This time, though, the cops’ haul also included something a bit unusual — bullets.

Asked if the weed sellers were actually hawking ammo — or including it as an extra perk with a purchase — or just had the bullets on them, Captain Jason Zeikel said it was the latter.

“Just on them,” he said.

The unlicensed ganja vendors were slapped with a range of charges, including criminal sale of controlled substances, criminal sale of controlled cannabis and unlawful possession of ammunition.

In a tweet about the arrests, Zeikel said, “We’re dedicated to making the park safe & drug free.”

The captain has repeatedly stated that people wanting to purchase cannabis should patronize a state-licensed dispensary.


  1. Stephen DiLauro Stephen DiLauro April 18, 2024

    Safe? Then tell the cops to start stopping bikes and ebikes as they enter the park or while they speed through.
    Nothing like low-hanging fruit and selective enforcement. Oh yeah, and self-aggrandizing.

  2. ted tedorov ted tedorov April 17, 2024

    More cops, less mercy for these lowlifes.

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