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Hanging in the balance: Bike busker suspends disbelief

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | How does he do it? Are his leg muscles super-powerful? Is it rubber bands or a gyroscope or a magnet?

Whatever his technique or trick, this Washington Square busker wasn’t saying — because, as well as a bicycle balancer, he was also a mime.

Using hand signals, he gestured for two young girls to take a photo of him. And whenever anyone popped a bill in his bucket, he gave them a thumbs up.

(Photo by The Village Sun)

When people weren’t engaging with him, the performer sat stock-still in his saddle with a blank expression on his face.

“Human? Is he human?” a tourist from Japan asked in disbelief during one of those moments.

It became clear he wasn’t using his legs to hold the position, though, when, while taking photos with one woman, he stuck both limbs out in front him.

(Photo by The Village Sun)
The busker asks two girls if they want to have their photo taken with him. (Photo by The Village Sun)
(Photo by The Village Sun)
(Photo by The Village Sun)


  1. JQ LLC JQ LLC September 22, 2022

    The front wheel’s tire has no air in it so he balances on the grooves on that sewer cap. Pretty bugged-out looking. Uniquely New York

  2. Steve Raklouk Steve Raklouk September 20, 2022

    Does David Byrne know he stole his suit?

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