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Dr. Dave, Lower East Side’s ‘people’s doctor,’ offering corona tele-care

BY CLAYTON PATTERSON | Dr. Dave Ores a.k.a. Dr. Dave is a general practitioner on the Lower East Side who is like our own country doctor.

He provides healthcare to whoever needs it, the working poor, people without medical insurance. The fee can be based on what the patient can afford. Dr. Dave has been in the community for decades. 

Both his arms are fully sleeved with tattoos. He rides a Harley. One day he may look like a biker, but when needed, he has the formal doctor look. He also provides free tattoo removal for people leaving prison or gangs.

He’s a graduate of Columbia Medical School.

He has many different views on how the healthcare system could be improved.

During the current pandemic, he is providing telephone healthcare for anyone with coronavirus concerns.

Dr. Dave holding an award he was given by the U.F.O.A., which represents New York Fire Department lieutenants, captains, battalion chiefs, deputy chiefs, medical officers and supervising fire marshals. (Photo by Clayton Patterson)

Specifically, he is providing coronavirus counseling and advice on “best safe practices,” information about testing if indicated and if possible, text and e-mail support, prescriptions, video / FaceTime, doctor’s responses to questions and concerns about COVID-19.

There is a one-time $95 fee, or as he says, “You can pay whatever you can so no one is left out.”

You can also reach him at or 917-723-4206.


Information on coronavirus from Dr. Dave:

Question: I need to know if I should stay home or not. 

Answer: If you are coughing all day, have a fever like 101 or 101.5 and you feel really sick, then you need to self-isolate for 14 days starting now REGARDLESS of any sort of test. Just STAY home as IF you are positive.  

Some Background

Labs and New York State are only testing VERY sick people as described above. The really sick get dibs on testing and care.

Obviously, we want and need to test EVERYONE to get a grip on this virus. Who’s infected, who recovered and those who got infected and are now fine. But, we are not there yet.

Testing for the slightly sick is the next group.   

Then, finally, testing for the entire population.    

That’s how it is right now. Do not go the ER. Do not go to a hospital. Do not go see your doctor. UNLESS you are really, really sick and really can’t breathe well.  

That means you cannot speak in full sentences. Breathing 12 or 15 times a minute. You are having much more difficulty catching air than is normal for you. 

There will be more and more testing for the general public available every few days.  


Call and make an appointment with the New York State Health Dept. 

New York State corona testing telephone line: Tests are by appointment only and can be arranged by calling 1-888-364-3065.

For more information about Dr. Dave, check his home page

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  1. Jeff Jeff March 27, 2020

    Great article about Dr. Dave and very helpful Coronavirus information. Truly a community resource!

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