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Dinosaur Hill toy store extends closing sale (50% off) one more week!

The Dinosaur is not yet extinct — Dinosaur Hill toy store, that is.

Pam Pier had planned to close her East Village shop, at 306 E. Ninth St., just east of Second Ave., at the end of November. For 37 years, the place has been her life, but she has been working since age 14 and at 77, decided it was finally time to retire.

But the Dinosaur (Hill) will still roam for at least one more week: Pier announced the store will be open daily, noon through 5 p.m., through Sun., Dec. 6, with everything — including fixtures and furnitures — going for 50 percent off.


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It was not immediately known exactly how much of each of the following items were still available:

-A- Abacuses, Agates, Ammonites, Animal figures, Apatosauruses, Arpilleras -B- Balls, Bears, Bells, Bongos, Blocks, Bath toys -C- Capes, Cards, Cats, Checkers, Chess, Cars -D- Dimetrodons, Dogs, Dolls, Dresses, Drums, Dragons -E- Eggs with silly putty, Elephants, Enchanting objects -F-  Fairies, Fire Engines, Flip Books, Fossils,-G- Games, Geckos, Geodes, Glass Animals, Globes -H- Hand Puppets, Hats, Harmonicas, Hobby Horses, Hot Air Balloons -I- Iguanas, Iguanadons, -J- Jacks in Boxes, Jacks, Jump Ropes (lots of Jump ropes) -K- Kits to make Clocks, Robots, Kazoos -L- Lamps, Lanterns, Llamas –M- Magic Kits, Magnifying Glasses, Magic Tricks, Marionettes,  Marbles, Monkey Drums -N- Necklaces, Nesting Dolls -O- O-Balls, Oil Paints -P- Pianos, Pirate Ships, Puppets, Puppet Theaters, -Q- Quagga, -R- Robots, Rocks, Rabbits -S- Shadow Puppets, Shirts, Shovels, Snakes, Spirographs, Solar System Mobile, Solitaire -T- Tea Sets, Tee Shirts, Telescopes, Theaters, Tibetan Tigers, Tools -U- Ukrainian Alphabet Blocks, Umbrellas -V–Violins W- Wall Hangings, Wind-ups, Wombats -X- Xylophones -Y- Yaks, Yoyos -Z- Zebras.

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