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Biden vs. blank ballot as ceasefire advocates pressure prez

BY THE VILLAGE SUN | New York Democrats going to the polls to vote for president will have another option besides Joe Biden.

Part of a fast-spreading national movement, a coalition called Leave it BLANK NY has been calling for voters to leave their ballots unmarked to push the president to support a ceasefire in the Mideast.

Early voting for the presidential primary election starts in one week. Registered voters can go to the polls early from Sat., March 23, to Sat., March 30. Primary election day is April 2.

To find out where to vote either early or on election day, check

Setting up a potential rematch of 2020, Biden and Donald Trump already have sewn up their parties’ nominations, winning majorities of the needed electoral delegates.

Joe Biden is under fire from the left wing of the Democratic Party to push for a ceasefire.

A number of also-rans will still be on the New York ballot, even though they have already dropped out of the race, including Marianne Williamson and Dean Phillips for the Democrats and Vivek Ramaswamy, Chris Christie and Nikki Haley for the Republicans.

Write-ins are not an option on the New York presidential ballot. However, blank ballots are counted.

The protest-at-the-polls kicked off in Michigan, the U.S. state with the biggest Arab population at 2 percent, whose primary election saw more than 13 percent of Dems vote “uncommitted.” The movement has rapidly expanded to other states. On Super Tuesday in Minnesota, 19 percent, or nearly 1 in 5 of Democratic poll-goers, voted “uncommitted.” In Washington, “uncommitted” got 7.5 percent of the vote. In Hawaii it scored nearly 30 percent — though admittedly out of a tiny turnout of barely more than 1,500 voters.

Under Democratic Committee rules, any candidate, including “uncommitted,” that gets 15 percent of the state vote is eligible to win electoral delegates.

Leave it BLANK NY includes a number of Muslim groups, Jewish Voice for Peace and five Democratic Socialists of America chapters from around the state, plus Local 100 Fightback, a dissident faction seeking to topple the current leadership of the Transport Workers Union, which represents the M.T.A. bus and subway workers.

Leave it BLANK NY’s Web site is headlined: “Tell Biden: Count Me Out for Genocide.”

“The New York Presidential Democratic Primary is on April 2nd and we have an opportunity to send President Biden a clear message that New Yorkers want a lasting ceasefire,” the page says.

“While there is no uncommitted or write-in option in New York, blank ballots are counted. Since only 1% of ballots are typically submitted blank in New York elections and the presidency is the only elected office on the ballot April 2nd, submitting blank ballots is a powerful way to make visible the thousands of New Yorkers who want Biden [to] invest our hard-earned tax dollars into our communities, not [send] more bombs used to massacre Palestinians.”


  1. Wes Green Wes Green March 19, 2024

    Thank you for this well written and researched article.

  2. Starship Trooper Starship Trooper March 17, 2024

    Since when has supporting terrorists become a normal thing…

    Wait until it’s in your backyard….

  3. Carol from East 5th Street Carol from East 5th Street March 17, 2024

    Please! The Biden/Trump race is so close. Don’t give Trump one iota of support by putting any negative energy against Biden out into the universe!

  4. Mark Mark March 16, 2024

    I’ll be voting for Trump and donating money to Republican candidates for Congress because the Jew-haters are taking over the Democrats. The only genocide in the Middle East is that explicitly pledged by Hamas in its 1987 charter. And they’ve promised to kill again and again.

    • JS JS March 17, 2024

      If Trump loses, are you prepared for his promised “blood bath?” The man would be disastrous for the democracy of our country. Casting a vote for Trump is a vote for catastrophy. Obviously, you are as delusional as Trump.

      • Starship Trooper Starship Trooper March 18, 2024

        You do not have your “bloodbath” facts correct
        Educate yourself about this particular issue

        • JS JS March 18, 2024

          I have educated myself. The following is a statement from The Guardian: “Trump predicts ‘bloodbath’ if he loses election and claims ‘Biden beat Obama.’ Now you can educate yourself.

      • Mark Mark March 20, 2024

        Well, you’re right that Trump is a lunatic, but Biden is obviously in decline. I’d gladly vote for a Democrat over Trump, but I won’t vote for anyone who gives an inch to the Hamas wing of the Democrat Party. Incidentally, I don’t think as a Jew that I’m delusional in not wanting to see terrorist-supporters in power.

  5. Village Dem Village Dem March 16, 2024

    Given the tremendous danger that we would be in if Trump wins a second term (not to mention that he would be much worse for the Palestinians), this is the time to rally around Biden. It is not the time to make symbolic gestures that might cause some less-informed Dem voters around the country to sit the election out in November.

  6. Democrat voter Democrat voter March 16, 2024

    This is a big scoop for Lincoln and the The Village Sun. It is the first reporting I have seen about this breaking news.

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