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Autumn in the Village

The mums will come to Abingdon Square

and every day I’ll mosey there

and watch the buds peel off their cloaks

and all the leaves fall off the oaks.

My summer blush will fade to white

and afternoon succumb to night

before the evening rush is through,

as the doves cry who oh who are you?

— Michele Herman


  1. Lorraine St.John Lorraine St.John October 8, 2023

    So nice! Lovely visionary….

  2. Kim Farrar Kim Farrar September 27, 2023

    What a lovely poem! It is so great to see poetry being published alongside journalism. This offers it to a wider community and spices up the reading experience.

  3. Theresa StJohn-Siegel Theresa StJohn-Siegel September 26, 2023

    Such a lovely and sweet reflection on the changes which lead us into autumn.

  4. Sue Sue September 26, 2023

    Lovely poem. So sorry winter is on the way.

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