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Sponsored: Dina Vitantonio, mapping the path to positive energy

There’s an energy crisis going on amid the current health crisis.

No, not oil or wind or solar — but an emotional and physical energy crisis. And Dina Vitantonio, an energy therapist and author, is finding that her skills are more in need now than ever before.

Vitantonio is a specialist in “energy mapping” and “intuitive coaching.”

She has studied Eastern traditions and medicine, the meridian system and qi flow, Asian yoga and prana, martial arts, Pilates, worked with crystals, or as she puts it, “a little bit of everything.”

“They’re all telling us to go inward,” she said of these various disciplines. “When we go inward, we show up outward in a lot more authentic way.”

Right now, all of her experience is coming to bear, she said.

“I’ve been getting calls from clients in this time of transition,” she said. “A lot of people I’ve been talking to feel like the carpet has been pulled out from underneath. There’s so much that’s uncertain in people’s future…political, personal.

“Many people, I’m hearing that they’re feeling alone, alienated, a bit disconcerted, seeing friends differently.

“During COVID, we had time to reflect. Now that we had time to reflect, it’s time to see how we want to change, fit into society, ‘transition.'”

In addition, she noted, right now we’re also moving toward a time of “hibernation, self-reflection before the high holidays, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah. We’re shedding the old, and 2020 is something people want to shed.”

Vitantonio has always known she was intuitive.

“I’ve been told I’m a master empath,” she said, “my ability to understand energy and do the energy work. I don’t like to say ‘healing’ work — I’m just the channel.”

Vitantonio, who currently lives in Manhattan, was raised in Cleveland above her family-owned business.

“I grew up a gifted, empathic child and I grew up above a funeral home,” she said. “It made for a very interesting upbringing.”

Vitantonio said that when she does energy mapping for a person, “I can feel, see, even smell the energy, utilizing all of the senses and beyond the senses — that seventh sense and beyond.”

Understanding one’s own personal energy in order to become grounded is the key to moving forward with assuredness, she stated.

“If you’re an oak tree and your roots are not anchored in the ground, it’s impossible to move forward from a place of balance,” she noted. “If people understand their energy, they can change their life.”

While some might look askance at the idea of energy mapping, Vitantonio noted, “Fifty years ago, unraveling the secrets of DNA seemed out of reach, but now it’s used for everything and to cure. The next range of evolution is the energetic realm.”

Her next event is a Group Mentor Program stretching over three months, with three sessions per month, starting Wed., Oct. 14 (there are two classes, starting at 11 a.m. and 5:15 p.m.), and concluding on Dec. 16. For more information, click here.

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